Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

27 for the Visitor Center there and go up on the Observation Deck for the 360-degree view there and then go out to the beach to see what that looks like. Then we should head for P ’ town itself and walk down Commerce Street to absorb the feel and atmosphere of this artsy town. We did all that but our walk down the Commerce Street was disappointing — instead of seeing all the gay fellows and gals enjoying themselves, all we saw were middle-aged heterosexual couples and groups like ourselves. We found a restaurant to have lobster again (or whatever anyone wanted) at even cheaper rates than the night before. Kay said it was even better!

After a brief visit to the A & P for a couple of supplies, we drove back to the Wellfleet & are now in our wonderfully spacious rooms enjoying some rest and relaxation as well as rerun “ West Wing. ”

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