Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

M ASSACHUSETTS C APE C OD N ATIONAL S EASHORE Day 8 - We were up at 7 AM this morning and went at 7:30 to the little breakfast café here at the Wellfleet Motel. The eggs and raisin toast were good and fairly inexpensive. Sharon stayed in her room and ate from her own stash — thrifty girl that she is. Then we were ready to find our ranger walk up at High Head at 9 AM.


Ranger Walter met us at the trail head and there were about 20 of us in all. His purpose he told was to introduce us to “ dune mechanics ” and to give some idea of the human history of the area and the impact our species has had on the action of the dunes. We walked over the parabolic dune area with our guide pointing out various types of vegetation. He explained the glacial history of Cape Cod by getting down on his knees in the sand and plowing up the ground in front of him to show us how the “ mainland ” was formed. Then he demonstrated the wind action on the dunes and how much of the “ land ” is really only blown sand constantly on the move.

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