Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

30 greatly affected the flow of sand. So far, the Harbor has remained open to shipping. The bright blue sky above us and the informative Walter with us were testaments again to why we enjoy ranger walks. You really do learn a lot about the things about you that you would never know on your own. When the walk was completed, we got back in the car and headed for Truro and some lunch. We found a neat spot called Moby Dick ’ s — fresh seafood and other choices as well. The restaurant has an interesting history — it was purchased by a family who needed to get employment for 4 teenagers. They bought the restaurant and educated the youngsters. All but one went on to other careers, but one son was involved and intrigued by the restaurant business. One day a lady came in for a clambake and left with a husband, a sandwich and a restaurant (or so the story goes). M ARCONI S TATION

After a delicious lunch, we took Sharon back to the Motel for a little postprandial rest; Pat, Kay, and Lois went to the Marconi Station to see the place where the little Italian genius built his commercial wireless communication station. He had used three places to prove that the concept would work (Glace Lake, Nova Scotia, St. John, Newfoundland, and this place on Cape Cod). There is very little left of the station because the ocean has reclaimed the sand bluffs and most of the structures have either

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