Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

31 been removed or have fallen into the sea. There is a model of his station on the site. Apparently, the worst part of the commercial operation was the generation of the power necessary to launch the radio waves across the Atlantic. It produced a spark and sound that could be heard 4 miles away. The bluffs over on this part of the National Seashore are mostly loose sand very susceptible to wind and water — great erosive tools and really effective against the loose sand. Across the parking lot, we found the trailhead for the American White Cedar Swamp Trail and decided to walk the 1 ¼ miles. We saw only a squirrel and a blue jay in the way of critters, but we did see a wide variety of plants because of the changes in the land and water table as we walked down into the cedar swamp. The sky overhead was a real beauty — mackerel clouds in pure blue. We enjoyed the walk very much.

After picking Sharon back up, we went to Rob ’ s Subs and Cones and got an ice cream treat before going into exploration mode. We all wanted to see a beach on the Bay side, so we took off for Duck Harbor out of Wellfleet. First, we stopped at the city “ mud flats ” and watched some folks raking for quahog clams. They wear high boots, almost like hip boots, out on the flats and into the water where they use large rakes with buckets to scoop up the clams.

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