Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


D UCK H ARBOR The beach at Duck Harbor was really different again from any others we have seen so far — more stones, strange snails attached to the stones with seaweed hairdos stuck on them too. Some of them were triple-deckers with the stone, the snail and the seaweed atop that. There were obviously sandbars in the water because we watched a lady wade out to swim and she never got deep enough to do so. She actually kept getting into lower and lower water the farther out she waded. There was lovely light on the plants before we got onto the beach itself and we took a few “ art shots. ” In Wellfleet itself, there was a conservation area which was reached by a wooden bridge over the mudflats so we decided to explore that little island as well. There was a nice path around the outside of the islet, but all we saw there were fiddler crabs and horseshoe crab shells. However, we did see some different plants and it was a good walk.

Then we drove over to Ocean Drive to see the private homes there and to try to catch glimpses of the Atlantic Beaches. We found a couple of beauties and enjoyed the wonderful light and sky which was getting more and more lovely. At one beach parking area, we came upon a man whose car battery had died so we helped him out by giving him a charge. It worked wonderfully well and he was one

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