Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

33 happy person because he was not looking forward to waiting for AAA to get there in more than an hour, especially if he couldn ’ t tell them exactly where he was stranded. There was a most inviting sand path down to the beach — with slippery reddish sand all the way down — at a more favorable angle than we had seen before. I could not resist, so I had to run down the path sliding as I went flying faster and faster! It was such fun and reminded me of doing the dunes at Lake Superior. I toiled my way back up the path and ran down again — feeling like I was flying. It was harder getting back up for sure, but it was well worth the struggle. I would have enjoyed flying down a few more times but the work of getting back up took too long!

Dinner was the last order of business for the day out — so we stopped at The Rookies, a family restaurant near the Motel. It was Italian mostly but there was some seafood too. Mostly we ate Italian, though I had some inferior clam chowder and ordered too big a bowl of it too. Then it was home to watch the first act of Survivor Thailand at 8 PM Showers come next and then beddies I think. What a terrific day! Such perfect weather is just a gift that can only be appreciated! We feel like we have explored this part of the Cape pretty completely and we have enjoyed it to the

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