Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

37 He is an amazing fellow too. Does his gardening and even some lawn mowing. He ’ s quite sharp and up on things. He says he has trouble remembering names but he seemed altogether with it to us. He really seemed to enjoy the visit too.

We had already learned that Pat ’ s dad was still in Novy, so after leaving a note for her brother, we headed off for subs from Pat ’ s favorite place — Santoro ’ s Sub-Villa! She ’ s right about that too because the “ special ” we got was fabulous. The meat is fresh and tasty, the bread just perfect with its crusty outside and soft insides, and that pepper dressing they use — well, it just can ’ t be beat! Then we headed to her favorite ice cream parlor — Richardson ’ s Dairy Stores. Again, she was absolutely correct about the ice cream and the wonderful marshmallow topping! We didn ’ t even bother with supper because we were all too full. We ’ re going to eat our way thru New England. The rest of the evening was spent getting together with members of Pat ’ s family and visiting with them. They are all a great bunch — even the ones who have only married into the family. We learned that fact when Kristen ’ s husband found us a wonderful motel room at the Marriott Residence and then used his “ frequent traveler ” points to pay for it! The best place we ’ ve had all through the trip so far. That was really kind of him — and he even went and checked in for us! We probably were home to bed by about 10 PM.

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