Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


The ore was bog iron which was found on the bottoms of lakes and ponds and swamps (no longer because we do not leave anything undisturbed long enough anymore). The flux medium was gabbro which was found in Nehant not far away and the power to run the machinery was charcoal from all the trees in the area as well as water power from the Saugus River. It was an ingenious operation and once again human ingenuity is really amazing and even confounding. The site became part of the National Park Service in 1974. Extensive archaeological digs have revealed the foundations of the site as well as yielding many artifacts which helped explain the workings of the facility. After this very satisfying tour, we went to Pat ’ s house to visit with her brother and dad. John gave us a very interesting talk about his astrophotography projects. He also introduced us to several terrific websites linking up with lots of interesting things like Hubbell telescope pictures, etc. He ’ s very knowledgeable and talked over our heads quite a bit, but we understood enough to enjoy talking with him and seeing his photos which are really awe-inspiring.

He even showed us some pictures taken in the Hydrogen Alpha technique he ’ s exploring of gas clouds and these were really frightening in the Biblical sense.

Later we took Edgar out to lunch and visited with him some more. He ’ s doing very well physically but he obviously is lonely and missing Betty. He spends as much time down in Nova Scotia as he can and probably would like to move there but there are too many complicating factors. Saying goodbye to Edgar and John, we left Saugus around 2 PM to head for Maine. It doesn ’ t take any time to cross New Hampshire and enter the Pine State and we were there by 3 or so. We stopped in Freeport to do some LL Bean shopping and get a Ben & Jerry ’ s ice cream. Everybody bought a little something or maybe a big something and then we left Freeport. On the way further north, we decided that we did not need to visit Baxter State Park, do we have re- routed ourselves and are staying tonight in Bangor and will continue on to New Brunswick tomorrow on the way to PEI and Nova Scotia. Everybody is tired tonight!

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