Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


The Alpine Motel turned out to be perfect for us — inexpensive and right in the middle of things we want to do and see. So we took it for two nights and then started out to see the Bay and the Upper Salmon River at the lowest tides. Walked the beach and checked out the tide poles where the water depths are measured. Had an inferior cup of clam chowder at the restaurant across the street and then went out to see the water again. All the water is pretty much gone and the boats are definitely sitting on the bay bottom. Made an abortive attempt to do the laundry tonight only to find the coin laundry closed for the night even though the sign said that it was open until 10 PM. The fellow at the hotel was obdurate about its staying closed and suggested that perhaps we could try again in the morning (though he also said that the Laundromat is really closed for the season). On well, we will try again when it ’ s convenient. But what a bummer! We had already gathered all the dirties together and hauled them out to the car, etc. We were not happy but he was totally inflexible and inured to our cries for sympathy. There is no air conditioning in this little Alpine Motel, but we have opened the windows and everything seems to be cooling down, so hopefully we will all be able to sleep well tonight before we go exploring some more. All of us claim to have enough clean clothes to last another couple of days!

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