Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

44 H OPEWELL R OCKS &T HE B AY OF F UNDY DAY 12 - We awoke to the sound of rain very early this morning and it continued off and on for a while. So Kay and Lois decided that getting up early was not necessary. Sharon and Pat couldn ’ t stand it anymore so they dressed and went outside looking for coffee or breakfast or something — but all Alma was closed until 8 AM when one little coffee shop finally opened its doors to them. They sat and read in the car until that hour. Kay and Lois joined them shortly thereafter and everyone enjoyed an inexpensive and good morning repast. F LOWER P OT R OCKS The morning destination was Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy — these are the so-called Flower Pot Rocks which are completely out of the water at low tide and almost totally under water except for the tops at high tide. Some of them have fir and spruce trees growing out the tops, thus the flower pot image. All of them have seaweed at their feet, looking rather like the feathers on Clydesdale horse feet. It took about 40 minutes to arrive there and by then the weather had cleared beautifully and we had blue sky over our heads.

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