Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

45 It costs $5.00 to enter the Flower Pot Rocks area and they have a very well done interpretive center to enjoy as well. However, since we were running a little late, we knew we would have very little time on the beach ( “ walking on the ocean floor ” as it is called there). So we went straight for the beach. The walk down is rather steep but there are stairs and gravel paths so it is fine. The final flight down to the beach is by steep and long metal stairs. The warning clock at the top of those stairs said we should be off the beach by 11:05 and it was already 10:30. The safety regulations say you can explore the ocean floor three hours before low tide and three hours after it. However, the lady ranger told us that the bay would fill along the far beach first and then reach the stairs area so we had a bit more time.

Down we went, eager to see this strange phenomenon! The beach was fairly wide with the tide out (high tide was predicted at 2:15 PM) and it was easy walking on the ocean bottom. There were large flat stones nearly buried in the sand like stepping stones and in between was a mixture of sand and gravel with some mud. The huge sandstone and limestone “ vases ” were about 100 ft. high and the seaweed “ feet ” were about 3 ft. up the formation. Caves were present also since the sea is also eroding into the bluffs beyond the individual “ vases ” which really are sections of the bluff which eroded off earlier in geologic time.

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