Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

47 On our way back to the interpretive center, we stopped at a couple of other overlooks and were impressed with the beauty of the scenery as well as with the tidal show of the Bay of Fundy. The Center had a good display explaining the geology and the gravity pull on the Bay which caused these enormous tides. The formation of the Bay itself is also part of why these tides are huge: the mouth of the Bay is wide and deep while the top of Bay is narrow and shallow. C APE E NRAGED The name of Cape Enraged really caught our fancy and we decided to visit the lighthouse there and try to figure out why it is called “ enraged. ” The way to the cape was on our way back to Alma anyway, so it was a good detour and also showed us different scenery than we had seen on the way to the Rocks. The way to the cape is steep and the road is not really well maintained but it was certainly easily passable. On our way, we passed a place we thought had a mordant sense of humor — the Ha Ha Cemetery. We got out to see what was what and found that the words were an approximation of an Indian Name for a local lake. The Indians thought that word was onomatopoetic for the call of the loon. So the laugh was on us.

The Lighthouse on Cape Enraged has a wonderful site and though it is short, it still functions as both lighthouse and foghorn base. It was falling into disrepair in 1992 and the Coast Guard was giving thought to abandoning it totally, when 5 high school kids from the area decided to see what they could do about saving the light and the site it occupies. By 1995 they had succeeded in getting the ground deeded over to an association they formed for its preservation and had re- interested the Coast Guard into continuing its functioning as well. The student group has grown to 25 and every summer they come and work the place. There is a restaurant and a gift shop on the property

and they are currently building an interpretive center for the site. However, the Coast Guard will not allow them to do anything with the lighthouse itself — not externally or internally — not even paint.

The drive back to Alma was lovely and we got many good views of the Bay and its surroundings — especially some of the marshy ground that is invaded by high tide. By the time we returned to little Alma, the Bay was at its point of highest tide for today. We were amazed to see the beach we had

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