Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

48 walked on yesterday completely covered with water and all the boats floating gaily (& highly) at their docks. The Upper Salmon River mouth we had seen as almost entirely mudflats yesterday was at full flood now. A dramatic demonstration of those tides again. We got an ice cream and called it lunch and then got ready to explore part of Fundy National Park. Visited the Ranger Station first for a map on how best to see some of the park and take some hikes and got a couple of goodies while there. Bought a book on the Bay for Uncle Tom and hope I can mail it to him tomorrow. Also, we got a chance to get acquainted with another New Brunswickian food favorite — dulse. Lois bought a bag so all could give it a try. It is dried seaweed and it is truly inedible and awful! No one else was even encouraged to try it after Lois took a big chew (she had to spit it out it was so intolerable). Anyhow, then we headed out to the first of our projected walks to Dickson Waterfall. It was a lovely walk though a rainforest environment and the falls was pretty indeed, though very narrow and about 15-20 feet high. The walk consisted of paths and steps. Unfortunately, it also contained rain drops for the sky had clouded over and we were pretty soaked by the time we got back to the car. Drove back to town and decided to try the laundry again if the Laundromat were open and it was. So we gathered up all the dirty clothes and Sharon & Pat took about 2 hours to do it while Kay and Lois went back to the motel to read for a bit. The rains continued to fall pretty heavily but the ladies were successful in getting everything back inside without getting all the clean, dried, warm clothes back inside. By then it was getting late and we were all hungry for supper, so we went over to the Parkland Hotel for a more “ elegant ” meal. Three of us had roast turkey and dressing (Sharon had fish and chips) and it was pretty good — much better than last night ’ s only acceptable dinner. We had a call from Betsy while we were dining, so we tried to call her back but neither of the cell phones could handle it. So Kay and Lois found a pay phone and called her collect to get the messages and try again to help her “ fix ” her computer. Now everyone is back and ready for reading, showers and beddies.

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