Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

50 P RINCE E DWARD I SLAND (PEI) Day 13 - The tide was out again this morning as we got ourselves together to leave lovely Alma. We had been in bed about 10 hours so we certainly should have been rested enough. Pat and Sharon went over to the little coffee shop across the street to have breakfast and Lois got her package ready to mail to Uncle Tom in Texas. The P.O. had the perfect “ puffy ” envelope to send the booklet and the rock on to him by first class — as Pat said, it will probably be there in about 8 weeks if everything goes well. It was still rainy and cloudy as we drove out of town towards Moncton, NB. The road between Alma and Hopewell Rocks was the same as we had done before but then we entered into new territory. Moncton is a nice city, clean and comfortable, with a population about 35,000 people. We were searching for Magnetic Hill, a Spook Hill-type phenomenon, that Pat remembered from her childhood. After some wrong turns, we got to the attraction ( they charge $3.00 per car Canadian) and followed the directions to see the strange happening. The car really does look like it is backing up the hill you have just driven down. Actually, it ’ s much more dramatic than at Spook Hill! C ONFEDERATION B RIDGE

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