Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


Leaving Moncton, we aimed the car toward the PEI bridge from NB. The part of NB that borders the bridge area looks just like the rest of the province that we had already seen. We went along the Bay of Fundy for a long while before it petered out in tiny little fingers, inlets, and coves. The Confederation Bridge is 9 miles long and takes about 12 minutes to drive across the Northumberland Strait. It costs nothing to cross onto the PEI province, but $37.75 (Canadian) to cross back over. At the Info Center we ran across a young couple with a baby who had driven all the way from Buenos Aires and were headed to Alaska. They have been on the road for 2 ½ years and had the baby in North Carolina. They are driving an old (75 years old) Graham automobile with spoke wheels and strange tires. They said the car has performed wonderfully and that they have gotten excellent help from mechanics who are so intrigued by the car all along the way. We stopped at a tourist information stop and picked up some brochures telling us what to do on PEI. We elected to take a couple of scenic drives this evening since we had only a few hours of daylight left. The Western Region is our first target for exploration and we are staying out in the country near the little town of O ’ Leary where the biggest attraction is the potato museum with its giant sculptured potato statue. We got lots of laughs over that possibility, but we will probably go tomorrow. There certainly are plenty of potato fields on this end of the island so it is probably their most important product.

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