Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


T IGNISH Tignish was as high as we got on the North Cape this evening. We stopped at a couple of huge churches (Catholic) with naves capable of seating more people than their respective towns now hold! At some point in the past, these little country towns must have been much more heavily populated. The Acadians were the original pioneers in this area and the churches are French in spirit and language. The PEI countryside is much more prosperous-looking than NB ’ s. The houses are neater and newer (probably modular homes, but . . . ) and the yards and lawns are kept amazingly well with lots of flowers and other charming decorative touches.

Cousin ’ s Restaurant in Tignish was our supper site, and it was just okay, but cheap! We got gas on the way back to Lewis Motel and it was cheaper than the gas we bought in Alma, NB. We did feel like we had gone full circle when we arrived in Alma, PEI this evening as well.

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