Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

54 PEI - N ORTH C APE Day 14 - How the weather had changed for the better this morning! We had cloudless blue skies and coolish temperatures all day. Most of the time we could run around in our shirt sleeves but down near the water or later in the afternoon a jacket felt pretty good. The light on this island is truly luminous and it ’ s excellent all day for picture-taking as well. We really had no “ flat light ” time. And our sunset was gorgeous — red and brilliant with blues and aquas near the ground and the trees making stark silhouettes against the red sky. W IND F ARM & L IGHTHOUSE However, we started the day by heading up to North Cape to see the Wind Farm and the lighthouse. The drive took us back through Tignish and on to the northernmost point in PEI. There were at least 10 windmills though not all of them were twirling at the time we arrived. According to the materials we read, the Farm supplies 3% of PEI ’ s power need at present. There was also a nature trail (Black Marsh) which we walked as far as we could follow it.

The coast along this section is similar to the coasts all along this wonderful island province — 15-30 ft. red bluffs with shaly erosions dropping rocks of various sizes down on the beaches. The trees along

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