Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


We looked in at the little gift shop and used their facilities but decided that we understood enough about the wind farm that we did not need to pay to go into their interpretive center. So, we left North Cape and headed back towards Charlottetown. After reading about the different sections of the island, we decided to visit what they call “ Anne ’ s Land ” after the Anne of Green Gables stories. This took us up on the Gul f of St. Lawrence to the PEI National Park. G ULFOF S T . L AWRENCE &PEI N ATIONAL P ARK Here we were all enthralled at the beauty of the little towns and the individual properties in them. All the houses are neat and tidy and yards immaculately trimmed and landscaped. Even around the working wharf areas, everything really is shipshape. In this part of the island, the appearance is more lush as well since there are more trees and more different kinds — and they do not look so wind- battered as the poor fir & spruce on the North Cape area. There are many inlets and lakes and picturesque little coves to see in Anne ’ s Land and each one is prettier than the last. Apparently, dealing with lobsters, potatoes, mussels and tourists is giving these folks a decent living, even if they are being taxed quite onerously. We stopped for lunch at a little spot with picnic tables with umbrellas and talked a bit with the owner who said she and her husband work with all 4 of the

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