Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

58 We found a little motel, cottage affair on the road between Eldon and the ferry to Nova Scotia where we will be heading tomorrow. We plan to take the ferry since it cuts off 100 kms. and saves on gas: it ’ s just a little more expensive than going back over the Confederation Bridge. Rachel ’ s place is basic but clean and it even has two chairs to sit in besides just beds. We had supper at Knox ’ s Restaurant down the road about 5 kms. It is another of those places that tries to cover all the tourist needs in one place: it sells gas, groceries, gifts, and offers the restaurant as well as a Laundromat. The PEI folks are really industrious. Guess we don ’ t have to worry about Lyme disease on PEI because we learned tonight that there are no deer here. However, the newspaper reported to us that they are expecting West Nile virus to appear here in the fall. We were also told that there is no rabies on PEI and never has been. What an idyllic little province! And what do we read in the Charlottetown newspaper tonight — about an alligator attack in Gainesville! We never seem to hear about these incidents except when we are in a foreign country! And what other irony is bearing down upon us?! We might be getting the effects of Isadore, the hurricane that ravaged Cuba and then hit the Yucatan, smashed into Texas and is now running up through the US to reach Nova Scotia on its way out to sea! Who could believe this would happen — we left Florida (Land of the Hurricane) and run into one here in Maritime Canada.

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