Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

60 Sure enough, very shortly we saw the turn and took it. What a lovely walk too. We went through a damp environment with wonderful ferns which were already turning fall colors.

The odors along our way were so sweet and tangy with fir scent that we were all pleased with that sensual delight too. We were also obviously walking along between short fir forests with alders around. The ranger had told us that we would also be seeing little “ ghost forests ” of snags because the moose strip the plants of everything that is edible for them. And we certainly did walk through long stretches of those little white skeletons. We had not walked too far on this part of the hike when we saw a moose in the thicker firs on our left hand side. We could not see her too clearly because of the density of the trees and shrubs, but we certainly did see her. We kept on walking towards the coast and soon we came upon a mother and baby moose sitting out in the open on the left side of the boardwalk too. We were only about 20 feet away from the animals and they were very peacefully chewing their cuds and showed no real interest in us either.

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