Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


The waters were so many different shades of blue and there were patterns in the water than made us think we were looking at the sky rather than the ocean. The boardwalk proceeds down the slope, stopping at little platforms with benches inviting us to stop, gasp and enjoy the ethereal views. Out on the water at the horizon line, the sun made the water look like shining silver. The bluffs above the water were more windswept than the terrain we had hiked through and looked like tundra vegetation (which the Park Service is trying to restore to health by preventing any walking on the fragile plants). We talked with a young couple from Halifax on their honeymoon; they had gone on a whale-watching trip earlier in the day and highly recommended it. They were surrounded by at least 50 pilot whales as well as dolphins and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. When we turned to begin walking back, we saw that a black bear was on our pathway!

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