Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


He was busily eating blueberries along the slope but he was quite aware of us. The couple went on by him and he ran a bit off the path area and continuing watching us carefully. At one point he came along the boardwalk towards us and that backed all of us up just a little. Then we took a couple of deep breaths and started by him too. He was about 40 feet off the boardwalk by this time and took little notice of us. We were madly taking pictures and saw him peek around the little trees again at us, but he did not follow us or charge up the boardwalk again. What a thrill that was to see him so close up and personal. But we were aware of the possible dangers as well! Then, just to keep us grateful, as we walked on further towards the car, there were a mother and young adolescent calf standing on our left side not too far away either — probably about 10 or 20 feet. What an amazing hike, all in all! I think we are all pretty impressed with this park.

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