Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


A SSATEAGUE I SLAND N ATIONAL S EASHORE Our goal was Assateague Island National Seashore and after a longer ride than we expected, we finally got there. This part of the island is in Maryland. We went to see the ponies, of course. And we did see 4 of them; however, it was funny because the ones we saw were in the parking lots and along the roads. These horses can look fat but we were assured they are really bloated by all the salt in their diets. All the grasses and plants they consume have high salt contents and the horses are even able to drink some seawater with impunity.

However, they do drink considerably more than usual for equines. It was good to see these small horses and know they have been on these islands for 200+ years.

We also visited the beach and it looks very like Cumberland Island or Big Talbot at home — high dunes behind the beach and sand just like Jacksonville Beach. The water wasn ’ t any colder than at home either. We saw deer on Assateague as well — first, a doe with a fawn and later a deer resting under a tree. It is a lovely park and gave us a neat picnic spot too.

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