Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002



Day 16 - Woke up this morning not knowing what kind of weather to expect, but we were hoping for the best — clear skies, warm breezes and brilliant sunshine. There were more clouds than usual but everything boded well anyhow. After breakfast at the Mountain View Restaurant, we went down to Pleasant Bay ’ s little harbor to book a whale- watching trip with Captain Mark. The seas looked very calm and it was not very cold, but we still bundled up a bit (too much as it turned out). The little boat was to sail at 9:30 so we hung about with the other 5 passengers until the Captain and his young first mate, Rebecca who looked all of 15, brought it over to our side of the harbor. He had been filling his gas tanks across the water. His boat, the Double Hook, would have held many more than we few, but that made our cruise that much nicer.

The waters were a little sloshy with 3-4 ft. waves so all was well, even with Kay who had eaten her breakfast thinking that we would not be going out until around 11 AM The Captain did not have to take us very far out from shore when we began to see the hooked dorsal fins and black backs of the pilot whales around us. Their flukes are smaller than we expected, but then the pilot whales are much smaller than the humpbacks we had seen earlier in Alaska. These little guys do not spout either, though they do flush out their blow-holes as they surface.

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