Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


Each of the little fishing villages bespoke the difficult lives of the people who choose to inhabit such remote places. Lobstering is hard, cold and dangerous work — so is the tuna fishing that also takes the men out to sea. But despite the dangers and discomforts, the little towns look quaint and well-loved and lived in. We enjoyed seeing each of them — Capstick, Sugar Loaf, Neils Landing, Ingonish, Bay St. Lawrence. C APE N ORTH - I NGONISH We had lunch in Cape North at Morrison ’ s Restaurant which is a family owned business for three generations. The building had also served as a general store, a post office, a telegraphy station, and hotel in the past incarnations. We had a delicious lunch there — Scotch collops — a tasty cross between Cornish pasties and shepherd ’ s pie. We were also offered a Caesar salad with that dish. We believe that the grand-daughter who is the current owner was also our waitress.

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