Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

70 Everywhere we went today, we asked folks about the weather forecasts and without exception all of them told us it was going to be really ugly tomorrow, probably starting tonight. Isadore is supposed to dump lots of rain and plenty of winds on Nova Scotia as it leaves the US mainland. So we decided to find a comfy spot to stay a couple of days where we could enjoy being cooped up in the bad weather. And find such a commodious nest we did — now we just need the rainy weather! We are staying in a housekeeping cottage with three bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, TV, big bathroom, and living room. And this whole package, this Ritz Carlton, is costing us only $60.00 a night (American) in Ingonish on the Cabot Trail and within the National Park. Instead of going out for supper, we had grilled cheese sandwiches and soup tonight around the convenient kitchen table in our own little cottage for a couple of nights. Now we just want it to rain and rain hard tonight and tomorrow (that way we can get some much needed down time). Another super Cape Breton Day! Day 17 - We all slept so comfortably last night that we actually “ slept in ” til 7:15 AM. However, none of us could remember hearing much, if any , rain or wind during the night. There were lots of puddles around and the porch furniture was soaking wet too. As we dressed and ate breakfast, the mists and rains came and the clouds moved in over the hills behind Ingonish. By the time we were ready to get out and try some hiking, the rains were falling almost horizontally and the clouds and fog had completely obscured the capes, headlands and hills. So we got our leisurely morning after all. Everybody did their own thing — reading, doing crosswords, napping, showering and washing hair. It was some much needed downtime for all. Around noon, the sky suddenly cleared and the rains stopped. Even more surprisingly, the breezes were warm and the temps were in the 70s. Quickly, we fixed our soup and sandwich lunch here at the Taj Mahal and were out on the road in search of a good trail to hike.

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