Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002



We found Broad Cove Mountain Trail only a couple of miles from the cottage and we got out the sticks and started up the mountainside where we were promised splendid panoramic views of Atlantic seascapes, headlands and coves. The hike was about 2 miles and much of it was “ uphill ” but it was gentle for the most part. We delighted in the damp surroundings with all the various mushrooms, ferns, turning leaves on the understory shrubs. Every stop up took us nearer to the lookout point and we did get some tantalizing views between the trees in places where vegetation was sparser. The blue sky shone overhead and we marched on, anticipating our visual reward. When we reached the top of the hill (it really is a bit much to call it a mountain), we were treated to a real panorama as promised. The sea was a lovely pattern of colors of blue and green with white caps offering some variation and patterns. The capes and headlands were that wonderful pink and granite grey and the view seemed to stretch out forever. We could see the campground and little Dino ’ s Deli from the top and we finally made out the pier that extends out from the street our cottage is on. The surprise was that we saw the kind of rain that dissipates before hitting the ground on the hillsides around us. We felt a couple of drops and figured that it would start making its way to the ground before we could get off the top, so we put on our rain gear to prepare for the hike back down.

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