Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


Next, we ran up the road towards Neils Harbor to check on the coast trail there to see if we could get some beach walking in. Well, that didn ’ t work out but we did find a lovely trail that afforded really wonderful views of the coast, the waves flushing through the tight little inlets and coves, the low mountains on the other side of the roadway. There were several “ lookoffs ” as they call them in these parts and we looked off each one to our great delight. The air was so bracing and exhilarating out on those open headlands! Then we came home, made our spaghetti dinner and hurried out to get Sharon to church and Lois and Kay to the Laundromat to take their turn at doing the “ pound laundry . ” Sharon was back much sooner to pick us up that was possible for her to have been in church — but she explained that there was a note on the church door notifying everyone that the 6:30 PM Saturday mass was cancelled due to the priest ’ s needing to be with his father to celebrate his 82nd birthday. He couldn ’ t find a replacement so he just cancelled it. There will be one tomorrow night at 6:30 PM so maybe Sharon will be able to attend that one. We ’ ll make every effort to see that she can.

We have decided to stay another night in this wonderful cottage because we have the time and we are enjoying it so much. Plus, there are a few more hikes in the area that we would like to do before

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