Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

74 leaving Cape Breton Highlands National Park. We checked with the proprietor (he says he ’ s really a fisherman but that he has been left in charge right now because his wife is in Toronto attending a wedding) and he said we could have this place Sunday night as well. F RANEY M OUNTAINTRAIL - I NGONISH Day 18 - The sun shining softly but brightly into our windows woke us up to another glorious Cape Breton day! All of us slept extra well again last night and we are reluctant to say good bye to this wonderful cottage. Breakfast was ham and eggs again this morning and after a phone call to Kathy to learn about hers and Johnny ’ s doctor visits on Wednesday, Kay, Lois and Pat headed out for a morning hike up Franey Mountain. The brochure told us that the hike would take us up 366 meters in “ just 3 kms. ” so we knew it would be a puffer hike. But we wanted those panoramic views of the ocean and the forested canyons too.

The trailhead was only 4-5 miles down the road from our cottage and it was easy to locate. We started up about 9:50 AM and made good time up the pretty steep and steady trail. There were lots of rocky spots and we were all glad that we had decided to use both sticks today. They really do help with the uphills and also with the balance going up and down the steep places.

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