Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


There were many mushrooms of all different colors on the trail and we saw one attached to a tree that was new and amazing in coloration and appearance. It was blazing orange and rather ruffly on its edges. There were many ferns and mosses on the trail as well and the fir trees were aromatic and friendly. We could see much evidence of moose on the trail as well but we never saw any live critters — other than a couple of chatty but grumpy squirrels (tiny too) and a couple of birds we would not identify. The hike was challenging but not really bad. Once at the top, we did get the reward — wonderful panorama of sea and forested canyons as advertised. We had started the hike like we were planning to scale Everest, but as we climbed we divested ourselves of more and more of our clothing, until we were in our shirtsleeves.

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