Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


On the summit of Mt. Franey, however, we began putting all our jackets back on. The wind was strong and there was definitely a hint of winter in the gusts.

We saw that the top had once had some structures on it which now left only their foundations and some support concrete blocks. However, there is still a potty and a little house which must be there for folks who get trapped on top and need to take shelter from wind, rain, cold, snow, whatever. There were several sheets of paper on a table in the hut with children ’ s ’ comments on them. One little fellow had written that “ this was the worst hike I have ever taken in my entire life! ” He must have been all 8 years old. Since we had no picnic lunch to eat at the summit, we started down the route indicated on the sign at the top. This was literally an old road though we found it hard to believe that some vehicles actually made it up the rocky, treacherous boulder field. It was easier than the way up but also longer. We no longer saw moose scat so it was not as interesting either. And of course the hike lasted longer than we wanted it to. We finally came upon a locked gate which we walked around and were disappointed to see was not at the end of the hike. However it was only a little further on and we found the car in the parking place we had left it. We were all glad to be back at about 1 PM.

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