Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


The history of Louisbourg is not really a happy one though because it was a prize and a pawn in the giant chess games played between the French and English kings. All during the 1700s, wars were practically continuous between these greedy and envious royals (only 2 years were completely peaceful during the whole century). The majority of these wars were based in Europe with only sideshows taking place in the colonies (except for the 7 years war — or French & Indian War as it is known in North America) but the treaties that ended these different conflicts (War of Spanish Succession, War of Austrian Succession, et al) completely changed the history and destiny of towns in the colonies, not least in Louisbourg which changed hands at least 4 times. Sometimes the French were given control of their lands in New France and sometimes the ownership was taken from them. At those times when the British gained sovereignty over the colonies of New France, many Acadians (colonists of French descent) were deported — sent back to France or to other territories around the globe. These expulsions were so thorough finally that today there are no descendants of these people living in this area.

Most often, when the British made frontal assaults on Louisbourg, they did it through laying siege to the walled and fortified city. No city can last longer than 37 or 38 days when under siege, unless the

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