Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


B OMBAY H OOK N ATIONAL W ILDLIFE R EFUG E Time seemed to be running out on us, but we went to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge anyway. This is a really wonderful place! We saw many critters here: deer, a bunny, cormorants, stilts, avocets, egrets, ducks, and small unidentifiable wading and shore birds. The 12-mile nature drive was quite pretty and we were there for a really wonderful light on the grasses and ponds. The refuge has ponds and higher ground and seems to be “ managed ” as far as water levels are concerned. The eastern border is the Atlantic.

We had supper in Smyrna, Delaware, before trying to find our Motel 6 in Wilmington ’ s suburbs. Our supper was good and there is no sales tax in this state. We liked that a lot. Now we are in our tiny little, renovated Motel 6 room (after some frustrating searching) ready for showers and rest. A great day and some really pretty landscapes!

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