Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

84 cooking and serving food and drink. All were quite interesting and the interpreters are full of enthusiasm. At intervals during the day, the cannon are fired off so that visitors get a sense (probably quite unrealistic) of what they sounded like during those bellicose times. Soldier formations and parades are held on occasion as well. Animals such as those that would have been present in the city in 1744 are driven through the streets as well — goats, sheep, geese, chickens. Oxen were the beasts of burden though they did not have any present today when we visited. Horses were also used in the Louisburg but only for hunting and pleasure riding.

Now we are staying at a wonderful little house-cottage in modern Louisbourg, called the Montebello Cottage. It cost us only $70.00 Canadian and it has two bedrooms and a couch in the living room. Very clean and comfortable. Sharon and Lois are going to Ceidlidh (pronounced “ saylee) performance tonight at the Louisbourg Playhouse — more about that anon, after we get back home or maybe tomorrow. Also much mention the “ different ” dinner Lois ate tonight — a donair (umh umh good!).

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