Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

85 pretty disgusting. My breath was unacceptable in polite society and my whole body exuded garlic aromas until everyone was hollering “ uncle ” ! I brushed my teeth innumerable times and used Listerine strips and everything else I could think of to change my aura. Have to explain what this sandwich actually is: the whole thing is served on a pita bread round; the meat is like a dense meatloaf which has been fried as after baking — it is very spicy and hot with pepper and needless to say there is at least a bulb of garlic in each portion of donair meat. Atop this is a “ salsa ” of fresh tomatoes and onions and then a special “ white sauce ” with some sort of green spice in it, but somehow it is sweet. Though it sounds awful and is awesome in its after-effects, the sandwich is really very tasty. We greatly enjoyed the performance by Jennifer Roland and her group at the Louisbourg Playhouse. She is quite the little fiddler and step dancer. All the musicians used electric amplification — the sister played a keyboard, the guitarist played an acoustic guitar, and the fiddle was electrified too. Jennifer looks to be about 28 or 29 and she is so thin that you can see the dimples at the tops of her buttocks. Her outfit was simplicity itself — a filmy green blouse with gathers over the bosom, tight sleeves with bands above the elbows and then little raggedy “ hankies ” fluttering around. Her shoes were tap shoes. Her pants were hip huggers of some tight-fitting black pants. This girl was the most active performer I have ever seen — she was never still. While she played, she swayed and bounced her way across the stage all the time tapping her feet. When she sat on the chair, she bounced her legs and tapped all the while. The music is sort of a blend of Cajun, Irish, blue-grass, and country fiddling — endless riffs where the key is changed and the rhythm constantly speeded up. The music is quite repetitious but enjoyable for a while. I certainly wasn ’ t in the market for one of her CDs but I did enjoy the concert. She had a 16 year old local girl who step-danced to three pieces and did some bits with Jennifer as well. All in all, it was enjoyable and we were surprised to find ourselves in a crowd of about 120 people. Got home about 10:15 and went right to bed after telling Kay all about it (and smelling the bedroom up with my garlic aromas).

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