Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

86 H ALIFAX Day 20 - We left the Montebello Cottage about 8:00 after eating breakfast in our own little cottage. We decided to take back roads to avoid backtracking to Sydney and we ended up on the Fleur d ’ Lys Trail through the center of the Cape Breton Island. It was raining all morning and the scenery was not particularly pretty though we were going through countryside with virtually no human habitations for miles and miles. It was funny that there would be place-name signs but no houses or buildings or any other signs that people lived or worked anywhere nearby. It took us much longer than the maps said it would to get to the Canso Causeway so we could go over to the mainland of NS. It took us about 3 hours when the maps said 2 would get us there. Anyhow, we finally stopped at a Tim Horton ’ s about 11 AM and all ate donuts and hot chocolate. Then we headed for Halifax. It took longer to get to Halifax than we anticipated as well and we did not arrive until about 3:30 PM So that did not leave us much sightseeing time there. We did park the car so we could walk to the waterfront which is what Pat wanted to see. It has been rehabbed and looks very inviting and entertaining for all the young people we saw on the streets — this is definitely the “ youngest ” city we have seen. Walking around on the working side of the waterfront, we spotted a little brown, furry critter skittering among the rocks. We were trying to figure out what it could be — we thought otter, marten, fisher, weasel, ferret — but did not really know. So we watched him for awhile and then went to the Tourist Info Center to ask.

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