Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

87 The “ wild and crazy ” guy, Alan, told us that these creatures are indeed ferrets and were deliberately imported to the waterfront to keep the rat population under control. And it has worked very well. This hilarious fellow is so enthusiastic about the wonders of Nova Scotia that he talked us into visiting some places that we were not really intending to see at all. He also helped us find lodging for tonight in Black Point on the ocean in a fine cottage. We even followed his recommendation for our supper tonight — McKelvie ’ s and we got the early bird specials. The food was good and bannock (bread) even better for us but not for Sharon. We don ’ t know what got her, but something did and she has turned in very early tonight. Even though it was dark, we could see that the Grand View cottage was really nice and new. We had two bedrooms but we got a rollaway bed for Pat since Sharon is really not up to par so they could have separate beds. Now Pat has turned in also — she is in the living room-kitchen combo while Kay and I are planning to watch “ Jag ” on TV soon. Don ’ t know who got the best of the deal after all. We didn ’ t stay up to see the premiere show of “ Judging Amy. ” P EGGY ’ S C OVE Day 21 - Another crystalline day in Nova Scotia! Who can believe in this weather — not even the Nova Scotians themselves! We woke to bright sunshine and warm temps and went to the Bizee Centre for breakfast as recommended by the Grand View ’ s proprietress. The food was good and quick. We were out of the cottage by 8:30 AM and on the way to Peggy ’ s Cove. S WISSAIR F LIGHT 111M EMORIAL S ITE What an unusual, but horribly crowded, spot — the lighthouse at Peggy ’ s Cove. The buses were roaring in every minute or so and we could not figure out where all the people were going to stand. The parking area was actually amazingly large and we had no trouble finding a place, but then we were earlier than the majority of those buses.

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