Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


The huge boulders are an easy “ highway ” to explore the setting which of course goes down to the ocean. All over the place are warning signs against climbing the rocks because of their slipperiness ’ and the ease of getting hurt here. We took lots of pictures and climbed around everywhere. As we left this area, we headed down towards Yarmouth but we went along the coast road to look at some of the little fishing villages and tiny oceanfront towns. We stopped in Mahone Bay for lunch and some shopping at the Amos Pewter Shop. We got Betsy ’ s gifties and enjoyed looking at the pretty houses along the way. We were particularly amused by the little “ scarecrow ” figures all over town. There were two “ statues ” we especially enjoyed — one was made with terra cotta flower pots and the other with tin cans of all sizes from garbage cans to food tins. Very droll. Then we drove the rest of the way to Yarmouth on the faster route, stopping just once for an ice cream treat. We got to Quinan, where Edgar ’ s cabin on the lake sits, unloaded the car, and fixed supper out of what we could find in our stores — grilled cheese sandwiches, chips, two Hershey kisses and a couple of dried apricots. Satisfying for sure! Now we are watching TV (Law & Order and

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