San Diego Health - Fall 2021


 HEALTHY LIFE Back-to-school tips, time change troubles, managing macros, a care team primer and more. 20 THE ROAD TO RECOVERY Scripps' COVID Recovery Program is helping long-haulers get their lives back.

2 SPOTLIGHT ON SCR IPPS MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER Philanthropy has made the opening of Prebys Cancer Center possible, as well as other innovations to support cancer patients throughout San Diego. 2 DOC OFF THE CLOCK Scripps family medicine physician Julio Romero, MD, doesn't shy away from spooky subjects.

Prebys Cancer Center, part of Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center, opens in September. The state- of-the art cancer center on the campus of Scripps Mercy Hospital, San Diego, is expanding services for cancer patients in central and southern San Diego.

WONDER TWINS These twins share everything, including the Scripps doctors who treat an incurable condition that causes tumors on practically every nerve in their bodies.


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