King's Business - 1912-06

NO. 6

JUNE 1912

VOL 111

¡ Ü H

S h e

R i n g ' s

j s i n e s s

w w j r HAT a wonder is the World, which wit- I J k f nesses to its almighty Maker. But no less W Wi wonderful is the Word; its very structure likewise testifies to the Almighty, for the Bible is itself a standing and an astonishing miracle. Written fragment by fragment, through- . out the course of fifteen centuries, under different states of society and in different languages, by per- sons of most opposite tempers, talents, and condi- tions, learned unlearned, prince and peasant, bond and free; cast into every form of instructive com- position and good writing, history, prophecy, poetry, allegory, emblematical representation, judicious in- terpretation, literal statements, precept, example, proverb, disquisition, epistle, sermon, prayer; in short all rational shapes of human discourse, and treating also of subjects not obvious, but most dif- ficult. Its authors are not found, like other writers, contradicting one another upon the most ordinary matters of fact and opinion, but are at harmony upon the whole of their sublime and momentous scheme. —Maclogan.

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