Grasses 2021 PPL-Solution No 1

LINER-BILITY ® I N T R O D U C I N G 7 2 w e e k s f o r e c a s t e d


pp&l is proud to offer

liner - bility ® , one of the most accurate availability tools on the market, which makes it easier than ever to check future plant availability with our live 72-week schedule. — updated every hour at, liner - bility ® gives you fast and accurate updates on the availability of your favorite plant varieties.

COLORFUL, VERSATILE AND SEASONAL STAND-OUTS that will work for both your quart, gallon and two-gallon programs.The grass stock system at Pacific Plug & Liner was built using the same methodology that many tissue culture labs use, building strong mother stock blocks to pull orders year-round and better support the needs of your grass program. In general, stock blocks are maintained every 12-26 weeks and orders can be pulled and

planted from them at that time. To provide year-round availability, PP&L maintains several blocks of the same item that are divided at different times. Our grass program is grown on a speculation schedule, but we can also do custom grown-to-order crops if a minimum of 5,000 eaches per variety is met. If you cannot meet the minimum for a custom grown-to-order crop, please inquire online or with our customer service department to see when the next crops grown on speculation will be available.

GRASSES by s i z e

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ophiopogon | carex festuca | uncinia | deschampsia | hakonechloa | pennisetum | calamagrostis | miscanthus

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