Grasses 2021 PPL-Solution No 1


Hakonechloa macra SunFlare offers an amazing color spectacle throughout the season. It has vibrant, chartreuse/golden-yellow foliage with deep crimson tips. In fall, the colors turn to chartreuse and gold with tones of burnt orange and burgundy-red.

usda zones 5-9 | 12-18 " x 18-24 " | 72 cell tray

Hakonechloa Macra Sunflare

MISCANTHUS SINENSIS BANDWIDTH | *NEW* | PP# 29,460 Bandwidth is short in stature and big on performance! This beautiful, tough ornamental grass is a real eye-catcher in the landscape and provides a compact alternative to other banded Miscanthus on the market.

usda zones 5 a -9 b | 30-36" x 30-36" | 72 cell tray

Miscanthus Sinensis Tiger Tail


OPHIOPOGON PLANISCAPUS ‘BLACK BEARD’ | PP# 22,128 Ophiopogon planiscapus Black Beard has exceptionally long leaves up to 18 " and much better vigor compared to the traditional nigrescens forms. Black Beard is a much faster growing variety, meaning a much reduced crop time for growers.

Tiger Tail features unique stiff stems with masses of substance. Increased flower number.Attractive variegated banded foliage.

usda zones 4-9 | 60-84" x 36-48" | 72 cell tray

usda zones 6-10 | 8-12" x 12-24" | 72 cell tray

PENNISETUM ALOPECUROIDES LUMEN GOLD | PP# 27,435 Foliage emerges bright gold in the spring and fades to a lemony green in the summer. Lumen Gold is a sport of Gilbstiel and has a compact habit with abundant flowering in the summer.

PENNISETUM SETACEUM CELEBRATION™ FIREWORKS | PP# 18,504 A refreshing new look to an old-time favorite ornamental grass! Pennisetum Fireworks is the first variegated purple fountain grass. The mid-vein is the typical burgundy color and is flanked by hot pink margins.

usda zones 5-9 | 10-12" x 12-14" | 128 & 72 cell tray

usda zones 9-10 | 24-30" x 30" | 128 & 72 cell tray


UNCINIA BELINDA’S FIND | PP# 21,972 Uncinia Belinda’s Find has vibrant color and a neat clump-forming growth habit; it is particularly spectacular at the front of the perennial border or in fall and winter combos. Best grown in moist, but well-drained conditions. In hot summer conditions, Belinda’s Find requires shade.

Purple fountain grass, tried and true. Great in the landscape and as a centerpiece in combos.

usda zones 9-10 | 36-48" x 36" | 128 & 72 cell tray

usda zones 8-10 | 8-12" x 12" | 128 & 72 cell tray

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