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About Caroline In the late 1950s, a pilot in the United States Navy named Bernard “Barney” Miller disembarked from the aircraft carrier Intrepid to attend a USO breakfast. While sitting down to enjoy a homecooked meal for the first time in ages, he met Caroline. The two hit it off right away.


Shortly after that, Barney ended up with a bad case of kidney stones. He was grounded and sent to the hospital. Caroline came to visit him and even brought along food to make him feel better. When he saw her walk in, Barney thought, “That’s it. I’ve got to marry this woman.” “Mom was always there for us. No matter what you needed, you could go to her. ” As you might have guessed, this is the story of how my parents met. They were married for 55 years. My dad passed away in early 2016; you might recall that I honored him in the very first edition of this newsletter. Now, I want to talk about my wonderful mother, who passed away some months ago after a lifetime spent taking care of her family. When my dad was in the hospital with kidney stones back in the ’50s, my mom didn’t think twice before she went to see him. That was standard for my mom. She always wanted to take care of everything and everyone. Back in the day, my grandparents ran a jewelry store

in downtown Norfolk. Being the oldest of four kids, my mom spent most of her teenage years taking care of her siblings. She developed her mothering skills at an early age, and they stuck with her for the rest of her life. Mom loved few things more than getting the whole family together. It didn’t matter what drama we might have with each other at the time. She believed in putting all differences aside and respecting other people. She bit her tongue a lot and didn’t like to create controversy. That said, she would tell it like it was if you needed to hear the hard truth. She was a balance of everything you could want in a mother. Mom was always there for us. No matter what you needed, you could go to her. If something was bothering you, she could tell. She had an uncanny knack for knowing when someone was upset and did what she could to make them feel better. She took care of my dad a lot in the last few years of his life, which I know was no small task. Dad wasn’t an easy patient, but my mom loved him, and she was right by his side through it all. Before Dad passed away, Mom could see the writing on the wall and made sure the whole family went on a big cruise together. Growing

up, we used to take big ski trips all the time, so it was really nice to have everyone together again.

When my dad passed away, we knew it was coming. He’d been sick for a while. But Mom went unexpectedly, just over a year after him. For 76, she was still very active. She took her dog, Ziggy, for a walk in the morning and suffered a massive heart attack later that day. She went quickly, which, to be honest, was just like her. Mom never wanted to be any trouble to anyone. My mom was a wonderful woman. She put up with a lot, but she loved her family more than anything. I miss her every day, but I know she’s keeping an eye on us still from Heaven. – Joseph Miller

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