Jason A. Schermer September 2017


September 2017

Jason A . Schermer , D . D . S & Noor Almuda l l a l , D .M. D COMPREHENS I VE RESTORAT I VE & ESTHET I C DENT I STRY

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This year, back-to-school meant big changes for my family. My oldest daughter finished eighth grade last year, and she’smy first child toenterhighschool.It’sabigtransition.Asher dad, I’m a little nervous about my daughter growing up, but I’m excited for her to start thisnewchapter.She’sdeterminedtobalance schoolworkwiththedemandsofgymnastics, and I knowshe can do it. She has a good head on her shoulders, and I’mreally proud of what she’s accomplished so far. I know she’ll grow somuchinthesenextfouryears,andI’mgladI get to be there to support her through it.

useless to you. This is how I look at dentistry. All the technology we bring into the office is neat, but a tool doesn’t get the job done. As a dentist, I need to figure out how these tools work and, more importantly, what I need to do to make sure they work for our patients.

I remember a brief period, seven years after I graduated from dental school, when I thought I could handle everything. Then

improve each patient’s experiences beyond just sitting in my chair.

I helped out at my mentor’s office. As it turned out, my mentor still had a lot to teach me. During my time there, I realized it didn’t matter if I was seven years out of school or 70 years out of school, I’m never going to stop learning. There’s always going to be another way to look at things and a new approach to an old technique.

Today, our office is full of people who view learningasanongoingexperience.Taylor,who started in our office as an assistant, received her dental hygiene license in June and came on as a full-time hygienist. Our other two dental hygienists, JanaeandLauren, recently earned their licenses as Expanded Function DentalAuxillariesfromCaseWesternReserve University. The three of them are the most skilled dental hygienists I’ve ever met, and we’reluckytohavesuchdedicatedindividuals on our team. The summer months can be pretty crazy, but as we transition back into the school year, we shift gears back into education at every opportunity. I look forward to what these new opportunities will bring.

“You can have the best tools and technology in the world, but if you don’t have the right knowledge or experience, they will be useless to you.”

I have my own fond memories of high school. One of the most important lessons I ever learned was as a high school student in my senior English composition class. While teaching us how to write more fluently and get our point across, the instructor said, “The English language is a tool. It’s not a puzzle. It has rules and structure. You need to learn how to make it work for you and tell it what to do.” You can have the best tools and technology in the world, but if you don’t have the right knowledge or experience, they will be

There’s always someone you can learn something from, and if you think you know everything, trust me, you’re way off base. At this point in my career, I enjoy seeking out courses on topics I’m interested in. Sometimes, I get lucky and there’s a great course right here in Cleveland, like the two-day course on Invisalign I attended a while back. Other times, there’s a bit more air travel involved. A couple of years ago, I would fly down to Atlanta every few months to attend a practice management course. There, I learned a lot about how to

- Jason A. Schermer



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