2020 Summer Camps Catalog

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Are you a high-energy, sports-loving, mountain-biking and paintball- playing type? Or do you love hanging with friends, strolling the beach, spending time in nature and riding horses? At Word of Life Summer Camps, you choose your own adventure to create the experience of a lifetime! Whether you choose the mountains or the beach, a youth camp or family camp, or a cozy lodge or rustic cabin, one thing is certain: You will experience exhilarating teaching, worship, friendships and fun that will help you grow in your faith like never before!

With family camps and youth camps for all ages, there’s something for everyone at our two locations: the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York and the sunny beaches of Florida. Activities range from adventurous to relaxing as you enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, make new friendships, and strengthen family bonds. Every day is bookended with Bible hour—a time for teaching, worship and prayer—and there’s ample opportunity for personal reflection and rest. Come see for yourself why our campers call their Word of Life camp experience their “best summer ever”! Choose your own adventure this year at Word of Life Summer Camp. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!

We can’t wait to see you!

A Camp Like No Other

Gospel-Centered & Faith-Forming

Tons of High-Energy Fun

Every aspect of our camps, from daily biblical teaching to caring counselors with a deep knowledge of Scripture, is intentionally designed to help students and families know God. Our faith is the heartbeat of what we do. The impact of camp lasts much longer than just a summer.

Summer boredom? Not here. All our camps are jam-packed with unforgettable activities and programs to help you have the time of your life and make memories that last a lifetime.

Our camps offer unique experiences that have been designed to help you grow in your faith and connect with God and others. So why is Word of Life the perfect place for this summer’s getaway?

Community- Based

Something for Everyone

Word of Life Camps are an amazing way for students and families to get away and connect with one another. Whether you’re spending time together as a family, reconnecting with old friends or making new ones, we foster encouraging and loving relationships in a place where you are safe, known and loved.

With family camps and youth camps for all ages, we have something for everyone. Each camp offers a variety of activities, ranging from adventurous to relaxing. With locations at the beach and in the mountains, you can get away to the place that best suits you and your family.

A Place Where Life Change Happens

Though Word of Life Camps are exciting and full of energy, they are about so much more than just summer fun. Our camps are designed to create experiences that allow youth and families to connect with God in new ways, no matter where they are in their spiritual journeys. Every year we see incredible life change at camp as students are introduced to Christ, people grow in their faith and individuals and families grow closer to God and one another.

“On day one I called home to my mom and said, ‘I hate it here and I hate you for sending me!’. But, through the messages, my counselor and church friends, God worked in my heart. By the end of the week, I trusted Jesus, and my life changed. I love this place, and I want to learn more.”

Ahna The Wild

“I have been coming to Word of Life Ranch camp ever since I was six. I can’t believe I’m working here now. Over the past ten years, I have learned so much. This year is my fifth year with Jesus Christ, and I plan on coming to the Bible Institute when I get out of high school.” Ashley | The Ranch

“I can say this camp brought me a lot closer to God, and I really grew in my faith. The worship sessions and speakers were amazing and kept me engaged throughout the sermon by applying what they were talking about to Scripture. The crew and staff were wonderful; they were very caring and amazing disciples. I felt like the counselors really loved being there, and they loved pouring into us while we were there.” Tyler | The Island “My daughter, Maddie, had not been ready to allow Jesus into her life, but last night she said she was ready. We sat down in her room with her sister, Emma, and started talking about what it means to have Jesus in your life. Emma got her ‘cross talk’ booklet out (that she got from the Ranch camp) from beside her bed and very clearly explained what it meant to be saved. Maddie was super excited, as was Emma! I am very thankful for the truths that my little girls already know and for Word of Life Ranch for equipping my 7-year-old to lead my 6-year-old to the Lord.” Melissa | The Ranch

“When our counselor, Nate, first met Duncan, he noticed that the 12-year-old enjoyed reading and had brought several books to camp. The one he was reading on Saturday was Origins: 14 Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution. Nate and another camper began discussing creation and evolution, and Duncan was resolute that evolution explained how it all began. Then, Sunday night, when the Gospel message was shared, Duncan went forward and placed his trust in Jesus Christ! He even read the follow-up booklet, First Steps , all the way through before he got back to his cabin that night. The next day, his counselors took him to the bookstore and got him a few creation books by Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis , and he had those read by the end of the week.”

Jonathan | The Wild


From sunrise to sunset, we stay busy! A Day in the Life

Every day is packed full! From the minute you wake up until the minute your head hits the pillow, you’ll be surrounded by new friends and caring counselors, growing in your faith, having the time of your life and building memories. No two days are the same, which means your week at camp will be filled with nonstop fun that will keep you coming back! Get ready to start an unforgettable day at camp. We’ll fuel up for a day of fun with a delicious breakfast in our camp dining hall. Rise and Shine After a quiet time that will allow you to relax in the beauty of nature and spend one-on-one time with God, all campers will meet for Bible Hour, a session filled with games, worship and an engaging lesson from one of our incredible speakers. Begin the Day in the Word With body and soul fed, we kick off the day’s adventure with an all-camp activity that is sure to get your heart pounding (think crazy games like Puzzle Run, Tumbleweed Toss and a Mud Pit!). Let the Games Begin




After a morning of working up an appetite, fill up on your favorite lunch fare before you hurry back to an afternoon of action-packed fun! Grab Some Grub Open afternoons mean plenty of time to compete in sports tournaments, relax on the beach, hang out with your friends, play disc golf or paintball, go horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking … any adventure your heart desires! Ready, Set, Do What You Want Time flies when you’re having fun, and before you know it, the dinner bell will be ringing, signaling time to gather in community and share a meal with friends. Dinner’s Ready When the sun sets, things are just getting started. Evenings offer brand-new opportunities to connect with God and others. At evening Bible Hour, you’ll dig deeper into the Word with another time of engaging worship and teaching. The entertainment each night features a different theme, event or activity, such as improv, concerts, campfires and beach parties. Adventure After Dark Retreat to your cabin as a peace settles across camp, allowing you to drift off to sleep – happy, tired, filled with new memories and ready to do it all again! Lights Out






OUR COUNSELORS Counselors are what make Word of Life camps so special! They help everyone have a blast but also answer questions, care for, mentor and encourage campers in their faith. Our counselors have completed at least one year at the Word of Life Bible Institute, an accredited, postsecondary program offering intensive Bible study and ministry training. So they are not only equipped with in-depth biblical knowledge, but they have also been trained specifically for camp ministry, and each one spends time in the Word daily. Each counselor has learned, signed and abides by our child protection policy and is committed to providing a safe and fun environment in which each camper can flourish. Because we believe life change happens most effectively through relationships, we keep a low counselor-to-camper ratio to give counselors the opportunity to connect with each camper in a meaningful way.

New York | Schroon Lake

Nestled in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, our New York camps offer a sweeping lake view, plenty of outdoor adventure and peaceful places for relaxation. Whether you attend an action- packed youth camp or grow in relationship at family camp, biblical teaching, fun activities, engaging worship and a beautiful setting are sure to help you launch your faith and create memories of a lifetime.

Florida | Hudson

Located just outside Tampa, this tropical paradise supplies loads of fun in the sun with exciting activities and easy access to some of Florida’s best beaches and attractions. Make your summer count for more with God-glorifying worship, engaging biblical teaching and life-giving fellowship that launch your faith and help you grow closer to God and others.


Youth or Family Camp Adventure Choose your own



Students from elementary school to high school enjoy high-energy camping experiences at one of the three camps in New York or at our camp in Florida. Each camp session is tailored to a specific age group with age-appropriate activities, speakers and entertainment options. Specialty camps are an optional add-on for students who want to focus their experience on a skill or activity they love most, such as sports, arts or worship. Day Camps are also available for elementary and middle school students.

There’s truly something for everyone at Word of Life Summer Camps. We offer faith-building, relationship-nurturing and fun-filled camps for every age, from elementary school to adult.


Bring the whole family for an unforgettable, life-changing, family-shaping week of Family Camp. Families may choose to stay in a tent, RV or one of our cabins at The Pines or enjoy the comforts of a resort at The Lodge, both in New York. All types of fun-filled, family-centered and faith-building programming offer many options to help families grow closer to God and to one another.



At Word of Life Youth Camps, campers experience a week like no other. Students from grades 1-12 will learn the Word of God while having a blast making new friends and creating lifelong memories. Students may participate in swimming, horseback riding, rock wall climbing, tubing, arts and crafts, ropes courses, paintball and sports. Each day begins and ends with a time of worship and teaching called Bible Hour. Gifted and engaging speakers and teachers bring age- appropriate messages to help encourage students to grow in their faith. Students also have time daily to reflect on the biblical truth they’re learning, leaving them with a deeper and stronger faith. At Word of Life Youth Camps, we want to see every young person make a life-changing decision for Christ, accept Him as Savior, grow closer in relationship with Him and develop the desire and tools to share their faith with others. Every element of camp is designed with this in mind.




Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?


“I loved being a camp counselor and watching my girls grow so much in their faith, even in just one week! Some campers came with no knowledge of Him and left with a complete new life in Him. I grew up going to camp every year, so getting to be a counselor was a dream. Just having fun and living life with my girls was so sweet. Seeing the quiet and reserved ones come out of their shell throughout the week

and become great friends with the other girls in the cabin was such a cool thing to watch happen!”

Abby The Island

DAY CAMP | New York & Florida

Want to attend camp, but don’t want to stay overnight? Day Camps are available at both our elementary and middle school camps. This is a perfect option for local families or students who prefer to sleep in the comfort of home. Day campers have the same amazing experience overnight campers have – participating in super fun activities, getting to know our awesome counselors, attending engaging Bible sessions and making summer memories. The only difference is where you crash after a day of fun. Join us for a week or for the whole summer. No matter where you sleep, there’s nothing better than waking up each morning and heading out for another day of action-packed, spiritually-forming fun! Check out The Ranch (elementary school camp) and The Wild (middle school camp) for more details about what each camp offers and what you can expect from Day Camp at either location.


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Florida

New York Week 1

June 7 - 13 June 14 - 20 June 21 - 27

June 22 - 26

Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8

June 29 - July 3

July 6 - 10 July 13 - 17 July 20 - 24 July 27 - 31 August 1 - 7

June 28 - July 3

July 5 - 10 July 12 - 18 July 19 - 24 July 26 - 31

August 10 - 13 ( THURSDAY )


per camper for The Ranch (Weeks 1 - 7) per camper for The Wild (Weeks 1 - 7) per camper for The Ranch (Week 8) per camper for The Wild (Week 8) per camper for Junior Florida Camp per camper for Teen Florida Camp

$350 $370 $280 $288 $244 $270


THE RANCH | New York | Grades 1 - 5

Elementary students will begin their adventure and launch their faith during fun- filled days of activity and biblical discovery at The Ranch. They’ll not only discover and grow in faith, but they’ll also take part in amazing activities like a climbing tower, swimming, horseback riding and even a rodeo! Nestled in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, The Ranch is a safe and exciting place for campers to learn God’s desire for them, explore their relationship with Him and create memories that will last a lifetime.



Week 1 June 21 - 27 Week 2 June 28 - July 4 Week 3 July 5 - 11 Week 4 July 12 - 18 Week 5 July 19 - 25 Week 6 July 26 - August 1 Week 7 August 2 - 8 Week 8 August 9 - 14

per camper (Weeks 1 - 2) per camper (Weeks 3 - 7)

$450 $495 $400

per camper (Week 8)

$100 off Register by June 21 SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICING



Register after June 21

$40 off

All deposits decreased to $50


Middle school students will venture into The Wild, where they can explore and grow deeper in their faith while having an experience they’ll never forget. High- energy speakers, music and activities provide the opportunity to learn biblical truth while playing paintball, riding horses, boating, climbing a tower, making new friends and much more. Tucked away in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, The Wild is a place where middle school campers learn lessons and create incredible memories. THE WILD | New York | Grades 6 - 8



Week 1 June 21 - 27 Week 2 June 28 - July 4 Week 3 July 5 - 11 Week 4 July 12 - 18 Week 5 July 19 - 25 Week 6 July 26 - August 1 Week 7 August 2 - 8 Week 8 August 9 - 14

per camper (Weeks 1 - 2) per camper (Weeks 3 - 7)

$480 $525 $425

per camper (Week 8)

$100 off Register by June 21 SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICING



Register after June 21

$40 off

All deposits decreased to $50


Nonstop, high-energy activities, combined with engaging speakers, dynamic worship, brand-new friends and a closer connection with God, make for the summer adventure of a lifetime! Activities like ropes courses, boating, a 200-foot waterslide and more pump up the adrenaline while students’ faith walk takes off like never before. Located on a 49-acre island in the middle of Schroon Lake, this is a teen camp like no other. THE ISLAND | New York | Grades 9 - 12



Week 1 June 21 - 27 Week 2 June 28 - July 4 Week 3 July 5 - 11 Week 4 July 12 - 18 Week 5 July 19 - 25 Week 6 July 26 - August 1 Week 7 August 2 - 8 Week 8 August 9 - 14

per camper (Weeks 1 - 2) per camper (Weeks 3, 6 - 7) per camper (Weeks 4 - 5)

$480 $525 $575 $425

per camper (Week 8)

$100 off Register by June 21 SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICING



Register after June 21

$40 off

All deposits decreased to $50


YOUTH CAMP | Florida | Ages 6 - 18

Endless activities and high-energy worship programs make for an unforgettable summer of a lifetime that will impact campers’ spiritual lives forever! Students will have access to fun-filled activities like sports, swimming, paintball, a climbing wall, arts and crafts, ropes courses and more. Located just 30 minutes north of Tampa, our camp offers two different options where students of all ages can have a faith-defining experience. Exciting adventures for children ages 6-12 are offered at Junior Camp, while Teen Camp is an experience designed just for teens ages 12-18.


$335 per camper for Junior Camp $390 per camper for Teen Camp PRICING $305 per camper for Junior Camp Register by June 7 $360 per camper for Teen Camp Register by June 7 EARLY BIRD PRICING

Teen Week 1 Teen Week 2

June 7 - 13 June 14 - 20

Teen Week 3 June 21 - 27 Junior Week 4 June 28 - July 3 Junior Week 5 July 5 - 10 Teen Week 6 July 12 - 18 Junior Week 7 July 19 - 24 Teen Week 8 July 36 - 31

All deposits decreased to $50


Choose your own

Specialty Camp Adventure What’s your passion? What skill do you want to perfect? What activity could you dream of doing 24/7? When we say, choose your own adventure, we mean it! At Word of Life, campers can design a summer camp exactly the way they want it with our Specialty Camps. All Specialty Camps take place at our main youth camps but with a special focus on what students love most!

At Registration, just add on a Specialty Camp option. Specialty Camps are offered at all of our youth camp locations throughout the summer, and Specialty campers will participate in main camp activities along with special, focused activities and lodging with their Specialty group. Pricing of each Specialty Camp varies.

Visit WOL.IS/ SPECIALTYCAMPS for all dates and details!




Forget visiting a theme park or historical landmarks. Load up the minivan and bring the entire family to upstate New York for a summer you’ll never forget. Whether you’re adventure seekers who like to rough it or a family of glampers who like to camp in comfort, Word of Life has the camp for you! You’ll choose between our campground, The Pines, or The Lodge, a beautiful lakeside resort, for accommodations. Both are located in New York’s stunning Adirondack Mountains. This is your family vacation, so you decide your agenda. Choose from our offerings of fun activities, including sports and games, speakers, concerts and other faith-defining experiences. Get away, have a ton of fun, and worship together as you grow closer to one another and God—and then do it all over again, summer after summer.

We can’t wait to see you!


THE PINES | New York | All Ages

Make memories your family will never forget at The Pines, our family campground. A week in the Adirondack Mountains – complete with tons of fun at your fingertips, family-centered programming, weekly concerts by major artists and captivating speakers – will provide a life-changing opportunity to connect with God and each other. At The Pines, we have something for every member of the family. You can venture out to explore the Adirondack Mountains on day trips, take part in sports, games and exciting activities hosted at the campground and hear from amazing speakers and artists who will encourage you in your faith. While we offer plenty of fun from dawn to dusk, it’s your vacation, and you decide how to spend it – whether going out on an adventure, participating in activities or simply relaxing with your famiily. Whether you choose to tent camp, bring an RV or stay in one of our cabins, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a fun, dynamic, friendly community you’ll want to return to year after year!


Week 1 June 21 - 27 Week 2 June 28 - July 4 Week 3 July 5 - 11 Week 4 July 12 - 18 DATES & SPEAKERS

Phil Tuttle

Joel Rosenberg Robert Morgan Richard Blackaby

Week 5 July 19 - 25 Erwin Lutzer Week 6 July 26 - August 1 Ray Pritchard Week 7 August 2 - 8 Crawford Loritts Week 8 August 9 - 14

John Barnett & H.B. Charles


$192 PRICING Prices reflect weekly summer rates. We serve three meals a day at Lewis Lodge. Meal plans and individual meals are available for campers at The Pines. Campsite $630 Primitive cabin (no linens or water), six-person limit $690 Two-person limit $774 Four-person limit $840 Six-person limit $1,020 Eight-person limit Cabins Primitive site (no water or electric) $270 Tent site (water and electric) Full 30-amp hookup site (water, electric & sewage) $360 $414 Full 50-amp hookup site (water, electric & sewage)

Lakeside Cabins

Required Program Fees

C hamplain standard room, four-person limit Champlain family room, seven-person limit

per adult (ages 18+)



$36 per child (ages 3 - 17) FREE for babies & toddlers (ages 0 - 2)


$1,650 Duplex, eight-person limit $1,920 Duplex, ten-person limit

SUPER EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Discount applies to full weeks only.

Register by June 21 Register by June 21

$75 off Cabin/Room

$50 off Site

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Discount applies to full weeks only.

Register after June 21 Register after June 21

$25 off Cabin/Room

$20 off Site

THE LODGE | New York | All Ages

The Lodge is the perfect place to get away and grow in relationship to God and others. Located in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, The Lodge has all the comforts of a resort with the activities, speakers and concerts enjoyed at our popular family camps. Nestled on a hill overlooking Schroon Lake, The Lodge offers comfortable hotel- style amenities and cabins. Enjoy a private lakefront beach, an indoor pool and endless activities, including a weekly rodeo! And, trust us, with the home-cooked meals we serve, you won’t leave hungry. Breakfast and dinner are included in your program fees. Join us for a week or all summer long at this beautiful lakeside resort, where your family will grow in your faith and make memories that last a lifetime.


Week 1 June 21 - 27 Week 2 June 28 - July 4 Week 3 July 5 - 11 Week 4 July 12 - 18 DATES & SPEAKERS

Phil Tuttle

Joel Rosenberg Robert Morgan Richard Blackaby

Week 5 July 19 - 25 Erwin Lutzer Week 6 July 26 - August 1 Ray Pritchard Week 7 August 2 - 8 Crawford Loritts Week 8 August 9 - 14

John Barnett & H.B. Charles


PRICING Prices reflect weekly summer rates. Program and Meal Fee includes Breakfast and Dinner. Lunch Passes are available for purchase. Summer Program & Meal Fee

per adult (ages 18+) per child (ages 13 - 17) per child (ages 8 - 12)




$90 per child (ages 3 - 7) FREE for babies & toddlers (ages 0 - 2)


Standard room (Retreat Center double rooms & William’s Motel double & single rooms) D eluxe room (Retreat Center king & double queen rooms; William’s Motel queen & twin bunk rooms)



$900 Premium room (Lakeview Lodges) $1,200 Cabin (Norman’s Nest; three-person minimum, six-person limit)

SUPER EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Discount applies to full weeks only.

Register by June 21 (per adult program & meal fee)

$75 off

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Discount applies to full weeks only.

Register after June 21 (per adult program & meal fee)

$25 off

Thinking of bringing your entire youth group? We say, bring it on! Creating the adventure of a lifetime and fostering relationships with Jesus is our specialty. And because we believe that fun is good but that having fun and growing in faith is even better, your group is sure to have a blast that makes an eternal impact. Our exceptionally awesome (and trusted) counselors guide campers through programs designed specifically to strengthen their spiritual foundation so they leave with the closest relationship with Jesus they’ve ever had. That means for this one week, you get to choose to be as involved in the activities as you wish – drop off your kids and enjoy some time to yourself or join in on the fun. Word of Life staff members run all sessions and activities, but we’d love to have you with us!


Why Word of Life Family and Youth Camps?

We accommodate groups of any size! We do our best to make sure your entire group stays together and is housed together. All youth leaders can stay at The Lodge or The Pines. Leaders with groups at The Island can stay at The Island Group Housing for $200 a week, which includes all meals. We provide plenty of space to park buses or vans during your week at camp. Youth leader accommodations can be arranged by calling Customer Service at 518.494.6000 . Upon check in, a Word of Life representative will provide directions for your lodging and meals. Youth Leader Accommodations If you’re looking for a meaningful, fun and memorable summer camp experience for the youth group you lead, consider Word of Life Family and Youth Camps. Word of Life Bible Institute students serve as camp counselors and help lead your youth in multiple, impactful times in the Word each day. Your youth will meet God during Quiet Time, morning and evening meetings, seminars and devotionals. Our goal is to help them grow in their relationship with the Lord; we eliminate the distraction of their cell phones by collecting them at the beginning of camp and returning them at the end.

Visit our website or call to register your group today! WOL.IS/ FAMILYCAMPS | 518.494.6000

My older boys went to camp every year growing up, and it changed their lives. Now my younger ones go. They have so much fun tubing, playing paintball and so much more. The best part is they learn more about God and come back changed every year. There’s nothing better!

Grace Florida Youth Camp


Summer Schedule




Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8

June 7 - 13 June 14 - 20 June 21 - 27

June 21 - 27

June 28 - July 4

July 5 - 11 July 12 - 18 July 19 - 25

June 28 - July 3

July 5 - 10 July 12 - 18 July 19 - 24 July 26 - 31

July 26 - August 1

August 2 - 8 August 9 - 14




Word of Life Summer Camps create high-energy, faith-forming experiences for families and students of all ages. We hope you’ll join us to see what God has in store for you – we just know it will be the summer of a lifetime! It’s never too early to start making your summer plans. And remember – when you register by April 30, you’ll save up to $100 per week at our youth camps with our incredible early bird prices!

Choose your own adventure and register today! CAMPS.WOL.ORG

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