NIGA 2019 Annual Report Digital Final

NIGA Trainings and Seminars In 2017 and 2018, I reported that Indian Gaming had expanded its trainings and seminars for all tribal gaming commissioners and regulators. In 2019, we will once again offer new courses for the bedrock of Indian Gaming, our Tribal Regulators and Commissioners. Despite this increase, demand has continued to run strong from our gaming commissions and we will again be increasing the number of Commissioner Trainings and Masters Level Trainings across the country. We are also adding specialized Trainings, such as Class II Seminars to stress the importance of Tribal self-regulation and the opportunities afforded in the Class II arena. Indian Gaming’s trainings are continually evolving to meet the needs of our Tribal Governments and their gaming divisions. The tribal regulator’s role as the primary enforcement mechanism for our industry is one of our key messaging points. Participating in our trainings and seminars will provide another tool for your gaming commissions to provide the most up-to-date regulatory methods available and report on current information. Please visit our website for a full list of Trainings coming to a venue close to your Tribe. We are always looking to meet the needs of the Indian gaming industry and encourage you to submit ideas and suggestions on other training we can provide to keep our regulators and operators ahead of the curve. Conclusion Indian Gaming is a central part of many state and local economies and the data indicates our industry is playing a strong role in the recovery in those areas. As you can see from our Economic Impact Report, Tribal properties are generating several billion dollars in capital costs, operations and maintenance, security and surveillance, goods and services, etc. Tribes’ remaining revenue is reinvested into the tribal government to help pay for education, health care, police and fire protection, housing, water and sewer service, transportation, government infrastructure and community development. Tribal Governments, like most governments, exist to provide a better standard of living of their citizens. We know that our Member Tribes are committed to rebuilding their Indian communities and creating sustainable economic models on the reservation. Indian Gaming revenues play a vital role in this endeavor and together we will continue to share our economic development stories with America. Once Indian Country’s full story is told, all citizens will realize that the growth of Indian Gaming is truly another great American success story. Please stop by our offices anytime you are in Washington, D.C. - our doors are always open. We are proud to serve as your voice on Capitol Hill.


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