NIGA 2019 Annual Report Digital Final

Payroll and Related Taxes Federal, State, and local taxes claim roughly a third of income generated in the United States. Increases in economic activity expand the tax base and increase government revenues. Indian Gaming created 766,944 jobs throughout the United States. The wages associated with these jobs generated federal, state, and local payroll, income, and other taxes and helped reduce welfare payments and unemployment benefits, freeing up more government revenue for other purposes. Wages paid to employees of Indian Gaming amounted to $9,484,393,424 and employment resulting from Indian Gaming employees spending their disposable incomes, gaming enterprise purchases, capital spending and transfer payments to Tribal Governments, generated another $24,662,973,771 in wages. Together in 2018, the employment, purchasing and other economic activities of Indian Gaming was responsible for paying $3,408,764,541 in Federal Income Taxes.

As we all know, Social Security/Medicare Taxes are above and beyond Federal Income Taxes . In 2018, Indian Gaming’s economic activities was also responsible for the payment of $4,053,284,425 of Social Security/Medicare Taxes . When you add: Federal proprietor Income Taxes, Federal Indirect Business (Excise, Duty) Taxes, Federal Households (Property, Fees) Taxes and Federal Corporate Income Taxes together, Indian Gaming was responsible for generating an additional $1,138,908,090 in “Other Types of Federal Taxes.” Besides adding $8,600,957,056 to its revenues, the Federal Government saved $3,834,719,616 through lower payouts of welfare and unemployment benefits. As a result, when consolidating the total contribution to the treasury of the governments bottom line, Indian Gaming contributed $12,435,676,672.

2018 Federal Revenues Generated By Indian Gaming

$14,000 $12,000 $10,000 $8,000 $6,000 $4,000 $2,000 $






Total Federal Treasury Revenues

Fed Unemployment Savings


Fed Pers Inc

Fed Other Inc

Source: Dupris Consulting Group, LLC


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