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September 2018


S ince I took the helm of MicroTech nearly 20 years ago, a lot has changed in not only the business, but the technology industry as a whole. In this field, where massive paradigm shifts happen in the blink of an eye and progress advances at an exponential, breakneck pace, you either adapt or you perish. Before I hit the scene in 1999 and began pushing MicroTech Systems into the modern era, the company was still stuck repairing typewriters. So, it’s safe to say I’ve seen my share of enormous, tectonic changes from years on the IT front lines. By now, it’s cliché to point out how much the world has been reshaped by modern technological advances, but it’s true. And from my position, where you’re forced to stay abreast of every little ripple in the industry, I’ve watched it all happen firsthand. Today, IT is inseparably integrated into the architecture of virtually every successful business to the point that, when the tech breaks down, business grinds to a standstill. When you’re losing money for every second your server is down, you better have an IT service provider that can be on the scene as fast as possible. Clients, too, now expect that instant service. It’s hard to imagine the age when you walked into a car dealership, tried to buy a car, and had to wait days to learn whether or not your loan would be approved. Today, it’s unthinkable that you would have to wait as much as two weeks to buy something.

I remember back when people were skeptical of email’s potential to alter the way we did business. I would point to the shoddy old fax machine a client had lying around and tell them that, within years, this machine, which had previously been absolutely central to daily operations, would be completely obsolete. It took every ounce of persuasion to convince people that email was here to stay. Throughout my career in the IT field, I’ve worn every hat imaginable, from technician to accountant, marketer, salesman, manager, and everything else in between. I’ve watched as trends have come and gone and as tech has evolved and left countless backward-thinking companies in the dust. As we’ve expanded, I’ve been able to remove some of those hats and direct my focus to steering the ship, looking toward the future to determine which technologies and strategies will carry my clients’ businesses and MicroTech Systems into the next age. While I may not have a crystal ball to foresee the next big shakeup, after 20 years of riding the relentless wave of change in the IT industry, I’m confident in our ability to stay at the cutting edge for our clients, guiding them toward success even in the rapid, disorienting world of modern technology.

–Randy Amorebieta

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