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Groundwater Quality Sensors & Sondes From rugged, reliable, accurate handheld, multi-parameter water quality meters to water quality sondes; high accuracy, single parameter water quality sensors to water quality equipment for long-term groundwater applications that can be connected to telemetry for a powerful monitoring system, which is able to generate event specific alarms and control relays to switch devices on and off. Handheld Multi-parameter Meters

Multi-parameter Sondes Multi-parameter water quality sondes for longer-term deployment to measure groundwater parameters such as DO (optical Dissolved Oxygen), pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature and turbidity. Cost-effective multiprobe sensors provide wireless data collection when used with Van Walt’s telemetry options. Interchangeable sensors, replace multiple instruments so saves time in the field and reduces overall monitoring costs. Options: YSI EXO Sonde - a high accuracy water quality monitoring platform. Measures & logs: pH, EC, Temperature, Redox, DO & Turbidity simultaneously. When connected to telemetry, it will also report water level. So is the ideal instrument for many applications. With a host of features including: Wet mateable connectors, titanium electrodes and calibration data stored in the electrodes so spares can be pre-calibrated and exchanged on site without the necessity of returning the entire unit back to base for recalibration. Aqua TROLL 500 Multiparameter Sonde - Can be configured to monitor multiple parameters; wet-mateable, interchangeable sensors. Antifouling wiper cleans all sensors for higher quality data in long-term deployments Compatible with Van Walt’s telemetry options. LCD display gives a snapshot of instruments health and wireless connectivity. Corrosion- resistant housing and abrasion-resistant RDO sensor. Accurate, reliable, high-quality data at competitive price point.

Van Walt Groundwater Monitoring Equipment Groundwater is our business. Our carefully selected equipment to monitor, measure and collect groundwater data is best in class, constantly upgraded and the range extended. You can buy, rent or access most of this equipment via our Logger for Life service: rental equipment for the duration of your project - from 6 months to 5 years, for a monthly fee. Equipment that has been checked, verified & calibrated for accuracy. A cost-effective solution to acquire equipment with no capital outlay and access to uninterrupted data secured with agreed SLAs.

Water quality meters to measure groundwater parameters such as DO (optical Dissolved Oxygen), pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature and turbidity. Designed for demanding field work the YSI series of handheld meters are some of the latest, smartest, most innovative instruments available. Designed and tested to meet the demands of true fieldwork, backed with the assurance of the YSI pedigree. Options: YSI PRO DSS - measure parameters like DO (optical Dissolved Oxygen), pH, ORP, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, TDS, resistivity, chloride, nitrate, depth, temperature and turbidity, making it the best handheld available. This instrument is rugged and reliable with intelligent, user-replaceable digital sensors that can be connected to any port and that are automatically recognised by the instrument and retain the calibration data. With optional GPS and depth the YSI ProDSS is completely customisable.

Single Parameter Sensors

Research grade Seametrics Smart Water Quality Sensors to measure Turbidity, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, pH and Redox. Compatible with Van Walt ‘s range of telemetry options for accuracy, stability, robustness, measuring ranges up to 200 m and multipoint calibration for pressure and temperature. Options: CT2X Pressure & Temperature Sensor - research grade sensor that measures conductivity, total dissolved solids and temperature with built-in datalogging that collects up to 349,000 records. TempHion Sensor - A submersible, high accuracy water quality sensor with integrated datalogger to measure pH, ORP and temperature. Turbo Sensor - Measures a wide range of NTUs so makes it a versatile, high accuracy water quality logger. Capable of deployment at many different sites. So with a built in data- logger and software, the Turbo measures up to 3,000 NTUs. DO 2 Sensor - Next generation in trouble-free oxygen sensing design. It utilises fluorescence of a stable, immobilised ruthenium-based film matrix. So this DO2 sensor provides precision optical transmission and detection to measure oxygen concentration in a fluid

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YSI PRO Plus - offers extreme flexibility. To measure and monitor a variety of

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groundwater quality parameters including specific conductance, salinity, resistivity and total dissolved solids (TDS). Also a very powerful lab instrument for BODs, pH and ORP. Rated to IP-67 standards with military spec connectors.

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