Groundwater Equipment 2019

Groundwater Monitoring When it comes to groundwater sampling we’ve made it our business to know what’s what and with regulatory directives such as the European Water Framework Directive (EWFD) impacting protocols and equipment developments we work continuously to ensure that whether you’re remediating, sampling or purging; your head of water is 5 or 500 metres; you have a high, low or no flow rate and the volume of suspended sediments is unknown – we have the right groundwater pump, groundwater sampler, hall marked filter or groundwater sampling tubing and monitoring well pipe for you. We offer pumps, meters and sensors to rent or buy. A range of hallmarked consumables to ensure your results can be trusted and we can deliver groundwater data straight to your desktop with our unique range of telemeterised data collection options. Van Walt Ltd has been supplying groundwater monitoring equipment for almost 40 years - the preferred choice of groundwater professionals from many industry sectors.

Groundwater Pumps

MP1 Pump TheMP1 is the perfect groundwater sampling pump, controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with precise and smooth control of water flow from0.1 litres per minute to 34 litres per minute – high flow rates for purging, low flow rates for sampling. TheMP1 fits wells of 50mm (2″ diameter) and is capable of pumping to a depth of 90m. • High pumping capacity for purging, slow pumping for sampling • Pumps to up to 90mhead of water in 50mm (2 inch) diameter or larger wells • Easy to install • Step-less control for flow rates from100ml to 34 litres per minute • Resistant to corrosive liquids • Pump is stainless steel and the cord is teflon coated so can be easily decontaminated • Can be used for sampling&purging deepwells • Individual elements availableor as acomplete set.

Peristaltic Pumps Peristaltic Pumps are used for low flow sampling of groundwater. Perfect for the attachment of an in-line filter, for use with a flow-through cell and multi parameter probes. Available with optional auto shut off to comply with the latest standards and directives when low flow sampling in monitoring wells. • Reliable, easy to use and maintain • Splash proof for use in the field (IP64) • Built in maintenance free battery that runs between 2 and 5 hours depending on conditions • Pumps product & water even if it contains sediment • Cheap disposable tubing – no chance of cross contamination • Pumps 100 – 2300 ml/min • Ideal for micro-purging & low flow sampling • Low loss of volatiles • Ideal tool for all groundwater research



Bladder Pump & Geocontrol Pro The Bladder Pump & Geocontrol Pro, a small electric compressor that uses an external rechargeable lead acid battery. Air does not make contact with the liquid. These stainless steel pumps use a replaceable bladder either in Teflon or PE for easy cleaning and prevention of sample cross contamination and with diameters starting at 22mm to fit in a 1-inch well. Bladder Pumps are ideal groundwater sampling pumps. • Very small, highly efficient package • Controller with built in high efficiency electrical compressor • Small, lightweight and very portable • Easy to use • Suitable for use in contaminated wells.



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